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Triticom is the value leader in delivering easy-to-use,
software-based network management products.

Our goal is to provide the most extensive line of software based network management solutions to the local/distributed network monitoring and analysis market.

Our newest product is TCP AppScope, an IP Application-Level Monitor.

Our other offerings: LANdecoder32, the Expert Protocol Analyzer; LANdecoder SNMP Manager, the low-cost SNMP-based network management station; RMONster32, the low-cost, Windows-based RMON probe; LANdecoder Health Reporter, the low-cost network trend analysis tool; and our combined suite of tools, the LANdecoder Network Management Suite.

Triticom markets its software to a wide array of users; they primarily include network administrators, consultants, tech support specialists, CNE’s, MIS managers, etc. These products are represented and supported not only throughout the United States and Canada but internationally as well. We work hard to provide everyone the best network management solution possible. This includes companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to smaller independent businesses.

To learn more about Triticom, go to our About Us page or Contact Us for more information.

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